We love getting to celebrate the success of our program participants! A warm congratulations goes out to Linda Powell, pictured center, who graduated on May 19 with her Business Generalist Technical Diploma from CVTC.

Linda has been part of West CAP’s Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program which helps families improve their income and financial independence. Our FSS program staff members Stephanie Stark (L) and Lori Newton (R) were there to support Linda on her accomplishment. We also just welcomed Linda onto West CAP’s Board of Directors as a representative for St. Croix County. Congratulations, Linda!

“It has been a long journey to say the least! I am a single Mom of two amazing kids with some pretty serious health and mental health issues and am super proud of how far I have come. I have decided to continue with school and get my associates in Business Management as well as Human Resources. I didn’t need to walk for this technical diploma, I however felt it was important to show my kids as well as myself that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and work towards your dreams.”

– Linda Powell

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Participant

West CAP Board of Directors