The Literacy Program offers free one-on-one tutoring for adults that want to improve their literacy skills for personal or job related goals.
Volunteer tutors work with learners who have learning disabilities or are learning English as a second language.

Lack of literacy skills often stops individuals from getting a job or advancing in their present job.  It also interferes with every-day communication such as speaking with or writing a note to teachers, doctors, or other providers.  Some learners want to enter post-secondary education but do not have the needed English language skills to succeed. Some learners want to earn a GED but need the one-on-one tutoring that the technical colleges cannot provide.

If you are interested in being a learner please call 715-410-4735.


Tutors are community volunteers that are trained to deliver student-centered education. Training is provided free of cost.  Tutors are matched with Learners and meet with their Learners on a regular basis in public settings.

If you are interested in being a tutor please call the Adult Education Program Manager, Stephanie Stark at 715-410-4735 or email


Adult Education Programs Coordinator

Direct: 715-900-2148 | Mobile: 715-410-4735
Fax: 715-265-7031

Stephanie manages the the Adult Education Programs, including the Adult Literacy program, the Skills Enhancement program, and the Nursing Skills program. She actively recruits adult learners and volunteer tutors for this program in an effort to give low income individuals a higher quality of life. She has a broad network of collaborations including area technical colleges, public libraries, and community partners to make this program a success.

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in student instruction, literacy and ESL service experience, and educational assessments.

Contact Stephanie if you are interested in learning more!