The weatherization program exists to improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock for low/moderate income people. The eligibility for weatherization is the same as for energy assistance and all applications are taken by the County Energy Assistance Offices. The program is available to eligible people who own or rent (with landlord’s approval). Work can be done on homes, mobile homes, duplexes and apartment buildings.

When a client is selected, the first step is to have an energy audit completed. Here a trained and certified inspector examines and tests the house. House data is entered into the computer and a list of measures that have paybacks is generated and the owner signs an agreement to authorize the work. Crews and our contractors do the prescribed work and conduct final testing.

Measures frequently specified include air sealing, adding insulation, improvements to the heating system, installation of water saving devices, compact fluorescent light bulbs, replacement of inefficient refrigerators and freezers, and at times installation of ventilation fans to improve interior air quality. Work is done as a grant to owner occupants.

County Energy Assistance Agencies (WHEAP)

  • Barron County:  715-537-5691
  • Chippewa County:  715-726-7840
  • Dunn County:  715-232-1116
  • Pepin County:  715-265-4271
  • Pierce County:  715-273-6788
  • Polk County:  715-485-8480
  • St. Croix County:  715-265-4271
  • Burnett County: 715-349-7600
  • Washburn County: 715-468-4747