West CAP Receives WHEDA Foundation Grant for Low-Income Housing Upgrades

WHEDA recently awarded $2 million in grant funds to organizations across Wisconsin that provide emergency shelter, transitional residences, and extremely low-income housing, including a $50,000 grant to West CAP. This grant is funded in part by WHEDA and by American Rescue Plan Act in a joint effort to create or improve safe, housing, esspecially for community members with complex needs. West CAP will be using these funds to replace outdated heating systems and install air-source heat pumps and hybrid water heaters for a 4-plex affordable housing property, CAP Town Homes, located in Clayton, WI (pictured below). CAP Town was developed in 1995 as one of our first Community Housing Developments and housed its first low-income residents in 1996. The project aims to lower energy costs for low-income tenants, estimated at $300 per year, which will also keep families housed more permanently with the improved affordability. The project also supports sustainability efforts by conserving energy.