Andersen Corporate Foundation Grants $8,250 to Homeless Intervention

The Andersen Corporate Foundation has generously approved $8,250 in grant funding to support the expanding work of our Homeless Intervention program. This program helps low-income families and individuals who are currently homeless or at risk of being homeless achieve housing stability through rental assistance, case management, and connection to community resources. Last year, our Homeless Intervention program served over 6,000 individuals through program enrollment, case management and referrals.

Our Housing Assistance program is managed by Erica Schoch, who leads a team of 10 full-time case managers that help program participants find suitable housing near community amenities, with affordable rents and that meet Housing Quality Standards. Once housed, our dedicated Case Managers connect one-on-one with tenants on a regular basis to maintain housing stability, and to connect tenants with mainstream resources that will help to keep them housed, such as life skills, food costs, transportation, childcare assistance, mental health services, AODA, and more. We appreciate Andersen’s support of this important program.

The Andersen Corporate Foundation was established in 1941 with the mission to improve lives and strengthen communities where Andersen employees live and work. Since then, the Foundation has donated more than $65 million to support nonprofit organizations in housing, healthcare, hunger relief and education.