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Energy Upgrades are Underway to Benefit CAP Town Homes Renters

CLAYTON – Some exciting clean energy upgrades are taking place at our very first Community Housing Development – CAP Town Homes in Clayton, WI. CAP Town was developed in 1995 to provide affordable rental housing to the area, especially for families as these are 3-bedroom units. Thanks to a grant from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA FOundation) and a Building Electrification Program grant from Elevate, we are working to fully electrify this property to reduce both the … Read More


A local ATV Club, the Glenwood Forest Barn Stormers, holds a benefit ride each year to support a cause they care about. For the last two years, the proceeds from their fundraiser have gone to support West CAP’s annual Holiday Gift drive, which provides holiday gifts and essentials for area youth in need. They invited the public to join their ATV/UTV ride on Saturday, September 30th with a registration fee of $20 or a toy of equal value, to join … Read More

Green Team Calculates Annual Emissions for Carbon Offset Initiative

As part of the agency’s commitment to sustainability, West CAP created an internal “Green Team” in 2022 to tackle part of our mission, which is to work to create a more just and sustainable society. The team meets bi-monthly to take actionable steps to reduce the carbon footprint of West CAP’s operational facilities and vehicle usage. To support their efforts, the GreenT eam received a sustainability grant from Associated Bank through the WISCAP network, which allowed us to calculate and … Read More

West CAP Receives WHEDA Foundation Grant for Low-Income Housing Upgrades

WHEDA recently awarded $2 million in grant funds to organizations across Wisconsin that provide emergency shelter, transitional residences, and extremely low-income housing, including a $50,000 grant to West CAP. This grant is funded in part by WHEDA and by American Rescue Plan Act in a joint effort to create or improve safe, housing, esspecially for community members with complex needs. West CAP will be using these funds to replace outdated heating systems and install air-source heat pumps and hybrid water … Read More

Andersen Corporate Foundation Grants $8,250 to Homeless Intervention

The Andersen Corporate Foundation has generously approved $8,250 in grant funding to support the expanding work of our Homeless Intervention program. This program helps low-income families and individuals who are currently homeless or at risk of being homeless achieve housing stability through rental assistance, case management, and connection to community resources. Last year, our Homeless Intervention program served over 6,000 individuals through program enrollment, case management and referrals. Our Housing Assistance program is managed by Erica Schoch, who leads a … Read More

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West CAP office locations will be closed to the public for walk-ins on Wednesday and Thursday, February 22 & 23 due to snow and subsequent staffing shortages.