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Winter 2014 Family Table Flyer for Glenwood City

Winter 2014 Family Table Flyer for New Richmond

Family Table article featured in the New Richmond News – 11/11/12

Family Table is a program offering eight-week meal preparation and nutrition education sessions to low-income families. Family Table aims to promote good nutrition and family relationships that will have positive impacts on individual and community health.

The Family Table goal is to help families gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to create cost-effective, healthy, and tasty meals. Each two-hour weekly session features a different menu focus and cooking technique lesson, followed by a shared meal. Four key aspects of the Family Table are balance, quality, variety, and economy related to eating healthy.

Family Table Objectives:

Balance – Focus on building healthy plates that reflect the principles of USDA’s MyPlate, especially helping families eat more fruits and vegetables

Quality – Focus on eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods

Variety – Focus on improvisational cooking, especially to help families adapt recipes to include a greater variety of fruits and vegetables

Economy – Focus on eating well with limited time and money, especially helping families create meals that are quick, easy, and inexpensive

 Family Table Brochure

"The mission of West CAP is to take action against poverty by developing the social and economic assets of low-income families and their communities and by working to create a more just and sustainable society."

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