Pepin County Energy Assistance

Effective 9/1/2018

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) for Pepin County will be administered by West CAP at 525 Second Street, Glenwood City, WI  54013 for Federal Fiscal Year 2019.

If you are a Pepin county resident and have a No Heat Emergency at a time when our office is not open, please call the Sheriff’s Department at 1-715-672-5944.
They will contact the appropriate department on your behalf.

Click here to complete an Online Application for Energy Assistance.

WHEAP provides eligible households heating assistance, non-heat electric assistance, emergency services, and furnace assistance.  The regular WHEAP season runs from October 1, 2018 through May 15, 2019, with Weatherization extending to September 30, 2019.  Please be aware that funds are limited.  Applications will be accepted in the following formats;

  • If you have not applied for Energy Assistance in Pepin County previously, please contact our agency to set up an in person appointment. Face-to-face appointments will be offered by request 8:30 am – 3:30 pm on the dates and locations listed below. Please do not contact our partner agencies directly for information or appointments – call West CAP at 715-265-4271 Press “0”  to schedule your appointment.

*Pepin County Department of Human Services, 740 7th Ave, Durand, WI
October 10, 2018, November 14, 2018, and December 12, 2018.

  • For households that have previously received benefits, paper applications are available at West CAP, 525 Second Street, Glenwood City or contact West CAP at 715-265-4271 to have an application mailed or applications are available to download and print – click here.
  • We will make every attempt to see unscheduled applicants but based on volume and staff availability you may be asked to make an appointment.




Size of                  ONE                            THREE                        ANNUAL
Family              MONTH                         MONTH                       INCOME

1                      2,290.00                          6,870.00                      27,480.00

2                      2,994.00                          8,983.00                      35,935.00

3                      3,699.00                        11,097.00                      44,391.00

4                      4,403.00                        13,211.00                      52,846.00

5                      5,108.00                        15,325.00                      61,301.00

6                      5,813.00                        17,439.00                      69,757.00


At a minimum, the following verifications are required to apply:

  1. Photo ID, Social Security numbers, Alien Status card or Immigration papers, and proof of residency.
  2. Proof of all earned and unearned income including self employment for the previous 3 months prior to application date (Ex: apply in October – need income for July, August, & September).
  3. If you pay child support, provide evidence of support paid for the 3 months prior to application for energy assistance.

Home Energy Plus Application

Home Energy Plus Checklist

Home Energy Plus Brochure

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