Donate Your Vehicle

Imagine your life without a vehicle…
Donate your car today and change lives!

Your Car is the Key to their Success.

Why Donate?

  • Donating your vehicle may be better than selling or trading.  You may be eligible to receive the highest IRS tax donation value (fair market value).
  • When purchasing your next vehicle, you may receive a significant price discount by not trading your old car.
  • Any vehicle donation, no matter the condition, qualifies for a minimum $500 tax credit value.
  • Donated cars that are suitable for use by JumpStart families are fully inspected and repaired to meet safety and mechanical standards.
  • Cars that can’t be used by JumpStart families are sold for the highest possible value.  All donation income supports the JumpStart program and helps local families purchase reliable, fuel-efficient vehicles for work and family needs.

To Donate, simply call 715-643-2060.  Our West CAP and JumpStart staff will explain how the program works, review the options for the vehicle you want to donate, and arrange for pick-up.  You can also get more information at, and click on Donate.


Call Randy Roehmild, Program Manager at 715-643-2060 or email at

JumpStart Donation Card

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