The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)
for St. Croix County
will be administered by West CAP for Federal Fiscal Year 2014.
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West CAP is currently seeking a low income representative from your county for our Board of Directors.  This is an excellent opportunity to assist our organization with developing programs that meet the needs of the community as well as gain personal/professional experience as a Board of Directors member.  Click here to learn more and for application materials.


Strong, Secure Families

Sustainable Communities


West CAP is proud of its history as an innovative, forward thinking organization.  Established in 1965, West CAP was one of the first community action agencies in the United States. Since then, West CAP has worked to promote the self-sufficiency of low-income families in the rural communities of west central Wisconsin, operating as an equal opportunity employer and service provider.  West CAP continues to help families overcome poverty and achieve economic stability by following its mission:


"The mission of West CAP is to take action against poverty by developing the social and economic assets of low-income families and their communities and by working to create a more just and sustainable society."

West CAP
525 Second Street
PO Box 308
Glenwood City, WI 54013