West CAP will be accepting applications beginning July 1, 2019 for the Polk County Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list.

The Section 8 Housing Voucher Choice Program is a program of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is to provide housing opportunities for low-income households.

Persons in the rental assistance program are required to pay a portion of their income for rent. The Section 8 Program pays the balance of the rent directly to the landlord.

To request your application please call West CAP, Inc. at 715-265-4271 or 800-606-9227 or visit the West CAP website at www.westcap.org.

Click here to print the Polk County Section 8 Application



The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) for Pepin & St. Croix County will be administered by West CAP for Federal Fiscal Year 2020.

If you are a Pepin county resident and have No Heat Emergency at a time when our office is not open, please call the Sheriff’s Department at 1-715-672-5944. For St. Croix county, call the Sherriff’s Department at 1-800-281-3478. They will contact the appropriate department on your behalf.

Click here to complete an Online Application for Energy Assistance.

Click here to print a WHEAP application


The West CAP / LICO2e™ Exploratory Partnership: A Public-Private-Partnership for De-Carbonization & Social Equity

West CAP is an evidence based, non-profit committed to the alleviation of poverty in America, especially in West Central Wisconsin. We are driven by the search for restorative and regenerative solutions to social issues that are also environmentally responsible and economically disruptive in favor of low-income citizens and the elimination of poverty across the communities and counties we serve.

West CAP has a long history and national reputation for its innovative programming.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation, exploring a partnership with LICO2e™ – a public benefit corporation – to bring ‘Locally and Regionally Invested Carbon Offset’ funding opportunities to as many  of our program areas as possible.

As one example of such a possibility, in 2011, Chevrolet / GM paid $750,000 to the State of Maine Housing Authority to weatherize 5,500 low to moderate income homes.  From that weatherization, and the Verified Carbon Standard certification of carbon offsets, Chevrolet received 45,738 metric tons of carbon offsets to balance against the carbon producing nature of their manufacturing and automobiles produced.  While the amount of carbon offsets in this case are relatively small, it is also the philanthropic nature of this investment by a major corporation that sets the lead and the mechanisms for the breadth and depth of investments by the thousands of corporations seeking to do the right thing for the right reasons with their corporate wealth; that is, public-private-partnerships for investing in environmental performance that also yields significant social equity outcomes.

This is what the West CAP /LICO2e™ Exploratory Partnership is all about.

Stay tuned as we get our work underway that can truly bring significant monetary benefit to West CAP programs and the folks we serve.


Strong, Secure Families

Sustainable Communities

West CAP is proud of its history as an innovative, forward thinking organization.  Established in 1965, West CAP was one of the first community action agencies in the United States. Since then, West CAP has worked to promote the self-sufficiency of low-income families in the rural communities of west central Wisconsin, operating as an equal opportunity employer and service provider.  West CAP continues to help families overcome poverty and achieve economic stability by following its mission:

"The mission of West CAP is to take action against poverty by developing the social and economic assets of low-income families and their communities and by working to create a more just and sustainable society."

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